Welcome to the Sundance Stompede

Line Dancing at the Saturday Night Hoedown

The Sundance Stompede

Welcome to the Sundance Stompede, San Francisco's annual country-western dance weekend for the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community and its friends. Join hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls as they dance their feet off and revel in each other's company, with a myriad of activities all weekend long. For many years the Sundance Stompede has been the largest and most celebrated LGBT event of its kind anywhere, and it's no secret why: the Stompede is not just about the dancing – it's about connectivity, friendship, and community.

Sundance Stompede dancers

The Sundance Stompede includes:


  • The Kick-Off Dance, Thursday, November 9 at Sundance Saloon
  • The Welcome Dance, Friday, November 10 at the Golden Gateway Holiday Inn
  • Hoedown 2023, Saturday, November 11 at the gorgeous Regency Center
  • The Stompede Ball, Sunday, November 12 at Sundance Saloon

THREE DAYS OF INSPIRING DANCE WORKSHOPS in up to five simultaneous rooms. Dynamic first-rate instructors from all over the country. Two-step, waltz, swing, line dances and more. All levels, from beginning to advanced. Plus premium workshops with a focus on small-group instruction.

DANCE PERFORMANCE EXHIBITIONS. Be dazzled by groups from across the country Friday and Saturday nights before open dancing.

Stompede dancer


  • VIP Welcome Reception
  • Women's (Trans-inclusive) Social
  • After-hours Parties
  • Boots Only Ball

The Sundance Stompede began in 2001 as an outgrowth of the annual Hoedown, a gala benefit dance that started in 1997. The Sundance Stompede has grown in scope and attendance and now attracts an international following of hundreds of country-western dance aficionados, becoming the largest annual event of its kind in the world. The Sundance Stompede has become a major contributor to San Francisco charities, raising thousands of dollars annually.

Is The Sundance Stompede For Me?

Stompede dancers

The Sundance Stompede is for anyone who enjoys country-western dancing, and doesn't care who is dancing with whom.

I'm a beginning dancer. Will I fit in?

A resounding YES! The Sundance Stompede is the perfect event for novice dancers! We are careful to include a full schedule of beginning workshops specifically for you. You can learn two-step, waltz, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, night-club two-step, and line dances during the day … and then you'll have the opportunity to apply what you've learned at the night-time dances.

You'll find our country-western dance community a welcoming one, so you needn't be afraid to dance with more experienced dancers. In fact, that's the best way to learn. Come to the Stompede, and leave dancing like you never thought possible!

From an attendee from a prior Sundance Stompede: "Thanks for a great time! I had no idea what to expect aside from a lot of dancing. I've only been 2-steppin/line dancing since March and was a little self conscious about my skills. Well those concerns were tossed aside shortly after my arrival. I felt welcome and the sessions encompassed all sorts of skill levels."

I don't dance at all. Is the Stompede for me?

Well, certainly you will get more out of the weekend if you have some interest in country-western dancing. But you can still have a great time, even if you never set foot on the dance floor. First of all, the people you are sure to meet are some of the friendliest around. And there are plenty of social settings for you to meet them. The dance exhibitions are highly entertaining, and even watching the regular dancers can be a lot of fun. Plus, San Francisco is an incredible city to explore, and for the gay tourist it's especially wonderful. And maybe, just maybe you'll decide to try out a beginning dance workshop or two.

How is the Stompede for women? for trans folks? for straight folks?

Stompede dancers

While the majority of attendees at the Stompede are men, there is no shortage of friendly women at the Stompede. Women often comment on how pleased they are with the number of women, as well as how welcoming the Stompede is for everyone, regardless of gender. Nonbinary? Sure – come on in! And the trans community is certainly well-represented at the Stompede and welcomed with open arms. The Women's Trans-inclusive Social on Saturday afternoon is a special highlight of the weekend. Straight women and men are totally welcome to the Stompede as well. As long as you don't care who dances with whom, or who asks whom, you'll have a great time.